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Labrador stone & bone sculpture

Visitors to The Birches Gallery have often declared that Labrador sculpture art is unique and unmatched. My own observations have long known this to be true.
It is my contention that Labrador's remoteness and late "discovery" by the world of native art galleries and collectors, has been the key factor for its appeal and attractiveness to collectors. Examples of this would be the anorthosite sculptures of Gilbert Hay and the stone and antler creations of Billy Gauthier at Sculptures in northern Labrador's soapstone, serpentine, and labradorite, from the hands and imaginations of aboriginal and non-aboriginal carvers alike, have ignited the interest of travellers from near and afar.
An exploration of Labrador art, craft, demographics and geography will often have the dual effect of heightening interest and magnetically drawing visitors to this place, people and artistic alure. National and international art collectors and enthusiasts have travelled to Labrador to experience the art, culture and uniqueness of this remote and unknown corner of the world. Their voyage of discovery has led them to and through the doors of The Birches Gallery in Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador.

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